We provide native English speaking talent to fill any position.

Terms of Payment

Employer will pay 50% of the placement fee, no later than 3 days after employer and talent have agreed to and signed a working contract.


The remaining 50% commission will be paid no later than 3 days after the first day of employment of talent.

Coaching Talent

Employer and Expert Consultants must agree upon reasons for termination of the educator prior to termination. Employer shall allow for Expert Consultants to coach and facilitate the educator to improve job performance prior to termination. 

Prescreen Talent

We prescreen all talent to ensure they meet all Work Visa requirements; including criminal background checks, reference/work verifications, 

reference checks, verifications of 

university degrees 

and certifications.

Educator Replacement

If the employment contract is terminated by employer, or if the talent resigns within the first 90 calendar days of employment, Expert Consultants shall replace the educator with another educator for free.


Expert Consultants will provide a new educator within 60 days of the educator’s notice of resignation, or notice of termination.


Expert Consultants shall keep all information concerning all parties confidential.


Talent Guarantee

We guarantee our talent for 3 months to ensure they meet all job duties and performance requirements. We support talent through entire employment contract.

Payment Method

Payments can be made on Expert Consultants’ website via credit card, Pay Pal or Ali Pay. Expert Consultants will provide an official invoice.

Talent Access

Once employer has contact information of talent that Expert Consultants has sourced and provided; employer agrees to hire and employ the educator only through signed Agreement.

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